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Kildesli Sjøsamiske Naturhus,
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Kildesli coastal sami nature-house is situated in beautiful surrondings in Tana, Finnmark. Our goal is to share, preserve and create information about nature, culture and history in the area.

Kildesli lies close to Tanamunningen nature reserve, in Finnmark, Norway. The area is known for its great amount of birds, and for the special ecological conditions, We participated with Bjørn Franzten from Bioforsk, Pasvik, october 2010.


One single day we observed more than 26000 birds. Most of them were common merganser;21000  individuals. In addition there were a couple thousands seagulls, long-tailed duck, common scoter,red-breasted merganser, tystie, 13 sea-eagles. We also saw birds that don`t live at the sea-side, like grouse,greenfinch and jay.


Tanamunningen is a large and dynamic delta, and estuary. Sandbanks are constantly changing. The area has agreat colony of common seal. They deliver on the sandbanks, something that is very unique in Norway. Fishing for the sea-trout is also special for Tanamunningen. The last years there has been caught trout up to 6 kilos, but usually we get them from one till three kilos.

Botanically, the area is very special. Many species has their northern limit here.The coherent fenno-scandinavian forest ends here.


Culturally, the area is caracterizes by the costal sami history. Very many cultural remainings has been taken care of, and thus given continuity. The nature in the area has led to a special ecological adjustment for the inhabitants.People has used all tha various possibillities the area has given, both plants, animals, birds and fish have all been important parts of this adjustment.

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