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Kildesli Sjøsamiske Naturhus,
9845 Tana,


We offer accommodations,guided tours and photosafaries on land and sea, to watch birds, seals and plants. Courses in duodji(sami handicraft), courses in ecology, plants and about the delta area.


We have two cabins for rent. Each cabin has three bedrooms, two beds in each room.There is a kitchen combined with a livingroom.The bathroom has got underfloor heating and a shower .The cabins are fully equipped.


If you are interested in birdwatching, we can arrange trips to the parts of the Tana outlet ihat is the most interesting at the time.


If you want to watch seals, we can organize trips where you get very close them.( though without disturbing them)Common seal is the most common,all year round. But the much bigger grey seal is also very common.Roaming saddle backs and ringed seals are also seen each year.


Botanists will find the area very interesting,both the delta.area, and the surrounding area. Northern and Eastern species such as Silk carnation, Arenaria Pseudofrigida a sort of thyme, Thymus tanaensis and a plant of the onion-family, Allium Sibiricum , and many more, are very common.


If you are interested in sami culture and sami duodji (handicraft), we can offer vivid exhibitions and lectures.

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